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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Life is a song....

and my song is a little sad today. Why? Because my little chick is sad. And when her little heart is blue, then mine is too.

Today is Grandparents day, and in her school they hold a special mass for the Grandparents, who get to go.
Unfortunately for Lois she has only one living grandparent left, her granny Cassie, who she loves to bits, but she has Dementia. It is too difficult to get her granny up and ready in time for mass so Lois has no-one to represent her. It is difficult at nine years of age to cope with being different from the rest of your class, so we have had a few teary nights this week.

Needless to say it has made me think of my lost loved ones and of the passing of time. So I am sorry I am not my usual cheery self. However, I won't stay sad, because at 3 o'clock, my daughter needs me . So I am off to bake something lovely for her coming out of school, to have the house tidy and warm, to get ready to wrap my arms around her and let her know ....THAT SHE IS LOVED!! To change my song to a happy one!

She will get a big sloppy kiss from 'Sparky' the dog too! Love, Linda x


  1. Oh Linda, my heart really does goes out to you and Lois. I had no grandparents aged nine so I know how Lois must be feeling today. But thankfully she has you to come home to for lots of love and comfort. And of course there is sweet Sparky and the smell of baking when she walks through the door.
    You are a wonderful mum Linda.
    Sending hugs to you both, Abby xx

  2. Days like this are not easy. There is no getting away from them sometimes. Get baking lady! Sinead

  3. Aaaw! I have tears in my eyes now - Poor Lois, that is just so sad. Spoil her rotten when she gets home, and I'm sure your baking will cheer her. We're all allowed to have sad posts some times, and it was right that you posted this. If I was there, I would give Louis a big hug. She is lucky to have a lovely mum like you, Linda. Take care and keep warm x

  4. I feel for her. I lost my grandfather when I was 5 and my grandmother when I was nine. We were very close and it has left a huge hole in my heart for my whole life. Big hugs xo

  5. Dear Linda,

    I can imagine it must be hard for your little girl and for you too. That big hug from you and the sloppy kiss will definitely help :-)

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  6. Hello Linda:
    Now we are sad too reading this. We can well imagine that Lois has found it difficult in school today, always so many questions and no easy answers. But, what an absolutely lovely idea to welcome her home to the joy of home baking. You are simply the best, dear Linda!!

  7. Aaw - I am sorry Lois has been sad.... hope your baking cheered her up and you're all feeling chirpier this evening.

  8. I wish they didn't do those day! Why not just "special person" day?

  9. Hello Linda, I do so feel for you. My dearest,wonderful Father had dementia and it is heart-breaking. I felt I had lost him long before he died. I find it helps to tell tales of my parents to the children, so they become part of their memories, as they were when they were young and happy before they became old. Jane xx

  10. Oh Linda...life can be tough when your nine but with a great mum like you she'll find comfort. No doubt it was difficult not having a grandparent there but I'm sure she appreciated the love and support that you gave to her. Big hugs.

  11. Dear Linda,
    I send big hugs to you and Lois! I lost my youngest brother to early onset dementia six years ago.
    Lois is blessed to have a Mum like you to come home to. I wish that I lived closer, Lois could have adopted me for the day!
    It's quite okay to sing a sad song now and then!

  12. Ah, I'm so sorry to hear that your little chick has been sad, and you have too. It must be hard not having a grandparent around, especially when it is accentuated in this way today. But what a lovely mum she has, and I am sure she will be fine when she's home to your warm hugs and your delicious baking.
    Have a lovely weekend, Linda.
    Helen x

  13. I grew up with only one grandparent too, my paternal Welsh Nanna, who I loved to bits, and who I was loved by, unconditionally. Now I have grandchildren I don't see... not my choice or my doing, but an ungrateful son, who threw his toys out of the pram because I wouldn't agree to sharing child care with the other, obviously perfect, grandparent. Well, if you had balance problems, muscle weakness, lightheadedness, to name but a few of my health issues, would you consider me good childcare material? Social services wouldn't!! Besides which, I didn't want to do it.
    So I hope your little chick got through the day.. no doubt her mum and cuddles and cake helped.

  14. Hugs to you today! Take all the flowers on my last post and hug yourself tight. No, you will not stay sad for long.

    I can smell and taste the wonderful cookies and your sweet ones delight. You are a good mother.

  15. Linda, this is sad for little chick. I'm not going to be blessed with any grandchildren, but I would be delighted if someone asked me to stand in as grandmother for a child I knew.

    I send warm wishes to Little Chick, you and her Grandma.

  16. Sending you both love. You are probably one of the kindest people I have met in "blog land" Your little chick is lucky to have you xx

  17. Hi Linda
    Poor Lois. I share her misery, my last remaining grandmother, the knitwear designer, died when I was 4 yrs of age. She lived with us and apparently I clung to her from morning till night. I do have memories of her. Sometimes schools with the best of intentions, can cause pain to students.
    The smell of baking is a sure remedy to evaporate tears.
    I am sure we are on to a new day and happiness reigns again in your home and hugs to Lois.
    Helen xx

  18. Bless her little heart! I hope she got through her day OK. Hugs,


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