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Monday, 30 January 2012

Secret Garden

picture from Graphics Fairy
Vignette is a word that Bloggers seem to like, to describe a little still-life area in a room or on  a table. I rather like the word myself so I looked it up in the dictionary. Mine is quite old so it didn't refer at all to the modern meaning of it, but rather talked about art or decorative illustration on a page, and this bit appealed to me ' to make a vignette of, by softening away the edges'. I thought I would soften away the edges by making a little display under my stairs, on top of a chest of drawers with a 'secret garden' theme.

It is really a bit too wet and miserable to go out into the garden at the moment, so I thought a little display would keep me going until I can get out.

I have a lovely pop-up book of 'The Secret Garden', illustrated by the Artist and Muralist Graham Rust, the detail in it is superb and it is a joy to look at. The  magnetic calendar at the back was a present from a friend as was the little bird in the nest. If you take the bird out, there are tiny eggs inside. I usually keep this by the side of my bed, as it reminds me of my dear friend who just loves everything to do with nature. The paper fairy, you may have seen before, is from my fellow blogger Lynn at Sea Angels. Mr. O.K. made the birdhouse, which I love and it normally lives outside. The wreath of eucalyptus is left over from Christmas, as are the toadstools which I made from papier mache (and rather cunningly I thought, garlic stalks!!) So there it is, I hope you like it?

I am also planning to plant some tulips for inside, and I loved these ideas I saw for Terrariums.......

 Martha Stewart magazine has a tutorial on how to make a Terrarium here.

The above image is from Martha Stewart, all the rest, apart from my own are from Pinterest.

Wishing you all a happy and productive week. With love, Linda x.


  1. Hello Linda

    What a feast for the eye on this Monday morning. I love your vignette on the staircase - you have arranged the objects beautifully.
    I love the Secret Garden and purchased the book for my nephews and nieces when they were children. I have several notebooks, small books blank and on several pages are pen and ink illustrations by Gordon Parker. It is where I keep my precious notes.
    Thanks for such an uplifting post and wishing you a joyful and productive week too, dear Linda

    1. So glad you like it Helen. The Secret Garden has long been a favourite in our family too!

  2. You put together the prettiest pieces of loveliness!
    Linda, you must stop by 34th street and visit my Saturday's shoes post on Jan. 28th!

    1. Hi Lynne, you are too kind thank you!I am on my way!

  3. Your little vignette is lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. You always amaze me with your entry...I miss you blog..sorry I was busy with new work:)

    By the way, I grow up watching the movie secret garden and I miss it..big time..I guess I have to re watch that movie:)

    Wishing you the best of 2012!

    1. Lovely to hear from you Sunny. Yes it's time to watch that movie again!

  5. How sweet and lovely, Linda! I love the blue tones and that sense of mystery which pervades your vignette. It's just nice! A secret corner within your house, a peaceful place where the fairies come to drink honey and sprinkle sweet scented fairy dust!

    It's lovely and sweet, Linda!




  6. Oh I love you Anna, you always get it!

  7. What a pretty vignette! I love the magnetic calendar and of course the birdhouse- I have a small collection of them packed away in Canada. The terrariums are cute - I like the ones done in the simple silver-lidded jars from IKEA. xo

  8. Some gorgeous ideas... I love the terranium's and The Secret Garden was one of my favourite childhood books bought for by my father on a special visit to the bookshop...nice memories for me xx

  9. Hi Linda,

    Your cloches with spring flowers look lovely Linda! Your vignette's too. I have to admit that I never heard of the word before, but I am Dutch :-). From now on I can use it myself too!

    My daughters have the secret garden on DVD. It was one of their favourits when they were younger. I did not mind watching it myself either.

    Lynn's angels looks very sweet!!

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  10. Lovely post...I do like your pretty vignette and the sweet things you have included in it. I love The Secret Garden and so did my daughters when they were young. Every now and then I like to read a bit of it again, and walled gardens with little doors always make me think of it.
    I also love the plants under cloches....which reminds me I must get some cloches as soon as I can!
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I do appreciate them. Have a happy, cosy week, Linda.
    Helen x

  11. What a lovely little vignette you have provided for us on this Monday my friend. It really is very pretty, and I love all your other images - and I love Pinterest as well. Always a pleasure to visit your blog Linda! Hugs to you xx

  12. love that sweet photo of the white flowers unfurling! xoox, tracie

  13. I love your post! Beautiful bell jars,thanks for sharing Joann

  14. Lovely vignette. Your new blog banner looks great! I love the pink colors.

  15. These are very nice and I like the idea that they are meaningful as well as beautiful.
    The idea of bulbs in glass domes is lovely. I wonder if the bulbs would grow well inside the domes, as I guess they might affect the air inside, you'd have to take the domes off now and then to change the air, I guess (you see I am being practical about this) :)

    Lovely post!

  16. How lovely this is Linda, a secret garden under the stairs... just perfect. You must smile each time you walk past it. Each charming item is precious on it's own, but you have made them even more appealing by bringing them all together.
    Thank you for your visit and kind words. My husband loved the BOGOF commment :)
    Have a great week.
    Much love, Abby xx

  17. I remember Linda when terrariums were all the rage...about 30 years ago (or more). We could buy thick green glass terrariums in all sorts of sizes...I like what Martha has done with the simple Ikea storage jars...she's so clever. Robx

  18. Hello Linda:
    We love the idea of a secret garden indoors and yours is perfect! As these days seem to become increasingly Arctic, what could be better than to create a 'garden' in the house so that one need not have to brave the weather.

    'The secret garden' book sounds delightful with its illustrations by Graham Rust. We have toyed for years of having a trompe l'oeil mural painted on the walls of our front hall in Budapest...that could then be our own secret garden!!!

    We hope that you are keeping warm!

  19. I love everything you've shared in this post, Linda!!! I recognized the little paper fairy (so beautiful) and your vignette is lovely!
    I also love the flower images - so very pretty. :)
    Hope you have a lovely one!


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