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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Blank Canvas

Wouldn't it be a bit of fun to imagine you had a room like this to decorate.....a blank canvas. Although it is obviously a Period room, with the wooden floor, neutral paint colour, you could go really modern, or fill it with Geogian antiques, or have a mix of old and new. How would you decorate it? (Oh by the way, money is no object!) Picture from here.

I think if it were mine, the first thing I would do is find a lovely antique dog grate to bring the fireplace to life. Next would be to install a pair of bookcases either side of the fireplace to make it cosy.
Perhaps a pair of reproduction Regency style bookcases. (I would have to paint them of course!) source

Perhaps some built-in bookcases would be better? Photo from here.

Photos from here and here.

I would need a lovely piece of art for above the fireplace and rather like this painting by Jane Swanston called Still Spaces 13, and to be found here.

An antique rug for the centre of the room, or perhaps a new one ?

Rugs are from here and here. Of course I will need something lovely to sit on. I am leaning towards a relaxed French style, so I think this gorgeous sofa from Restoration Hardware,will do the trick.

The coffee table is also from Restoration Hardware. I couldn't resist this wonderful painted plinth to use as side tables from here or perhaps the lovely garden stools and graceful chairs from www.guinevere.co.uk.

I absolutely love these light fittings I found here and the fabulous modern chandelier from Pottery Barn, which when viewed close-up looks like a branch with water or ice droplets hanging from it.

In front of the window I would love a large french style table to be used as a desk, rather like this one..... from here.And I thought these wire urns I found at a place new to me called Layla Grace, it has some fab stuff for the home, although some things are a little pricey.

These large en grisaille panels from the same store, would just add the finishing touch. Oh and I almost forgot, mirrors for a bit of light reflecting loveliness, and flowers to add colour and life!

This pair of gilt Pier glasses are from here I know they are quite formal but I love the little squirrels on them!

Gorgeous full-blown roses from here.I love the bit of gilt decoration on the table also.
 And just because I can, I am going to add a painted Armoire as a drinks cabinet, after all, I will need something when I am entertaining! Photo from Pinterest.
Soft muted fabrics from here.

 I am hoping for an elegant yet cosy and friendly room like the ones above and below.

 A touch of colour, grey/blue or duckegg in the painted furniture, to add a little warmth and some heavenly scented candles for a touch of luxury. Above photo from here and below picture from here.

It is fun to dream! I have had a ball putting this together. I hope you have enjoyed it too? Let me know what you would do differently. Enjoy the rest of your week, love Linda x. (above photo from here.)



  1. Hi Linda

    What a delightful project. I love many of the items you suggest. Book cases, the armour with drinks all appeal.

    Have a wonderful 2012

    Helen xx

  2. Happy New Year, dear Linda!
    WOW! You have been very busy designing and refining! Your blog "table" is set so beautifully!

    Today's post is filled with the inspiration that I need as I transition out of the Christmas Season!

    You are such a dear blog friend...so inspiring and fun! I look forward to our visits in 2012!

  3. Hi Linda, I just read your comment on my blog.
    So funny to talk about our first interiorstyle, I have had some Laura Ashley stuff too, pink cushions with very romantic roses ;-)
    You are so right, taste is always changing,
    and we are influenced by what we see around us.
    Thank you for your kind response!
    Happy weekend!

  4. Wow you found some cracking piccies! Beautiful rooms and furniture. That very last one is my favourite look - cozy and comfy.

  5. It is a beautiful room--so much character. I love your choices!

  6. Hello Linda
    We clearly have the same taste as I love all your choices here. I often think it would be nice to start from scratch, but a lottery win would be needed for all the things on my shopping list! :)
    Hope your new year has got off to a good start.
    Much love, Abby xx

  7. Linda, I would have to furnish that blank canvas with Georgian antiques....my all consuming passion at the moment. As for the French armoire drinks cabinet....what a fabulous idea ....far nicer than the under bench cupboard in my kitchen.
    Hope your New Year is a good one,
    Love Julie x
    P.S. So funny to think I may have created a run on crown lights in Tesco....x

  8. Dear Linda!! Happy 2012!! you are right, it´s so fun dreaming!! I could dream all day long when it´s about decorating!!! love all your proposals!!!a big kiss!

  9. Such a fun post! That room is gorgeous, and like you, I'd probably add a mix of new & old. :)
    Wishing you a lovely new week,

  10. Hi Linda, what a lovely quick-decorate example!

    Thank you so much for the sweet newyears message you left on creJJtion. I wish you also a wonderful, beautiful, healthy 2012!

    Love, Maaike

  11. Beautiful pictures, Linda. I could live with all or any of those looks in my home! I hope you find the perfect look for your room...the planning is so enjoyable!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  12. Nope forget all of your gorgeous pictures...throw them away and point me in the direction of the first one! the untouched Georgian room...it made my soul sing xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  13. Linda, your blog posts always have so much to enjoy. I could spend hours enjoying the photos you put up. I love that teal based table. Divine xx

  14. Hi Linda, it was fun to see the different stages of putting a whole rooom together. I have a real problem with being able to envisage the overall look of a room and pick each item I like without really being aware of how ti will impact overall. The rooms in my home don't really reflect who I am, as I've pciked items that all "go" with each toher, and I would love to wipe the slate clean and start all over again! So I really enjoyed this piece. Wishing you all good things for 2012. Em x

  15. Great pics, so much inspiration Linda.
    Thank you for your visit in my birthday



  16. Isn't it lovely to dream now and then Linda.... I often do it.....Well you never know, perhaps one day you can realise some of your dreams. I already fulfilled some of mine :-)!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  17. I love your choices but I would like to add a lovely set of silk curtains that pool onto the floor just to finish the picture
    wishing you a Happy New Year
    Buttercup and Bee


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