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Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Beginnings!

 A very happy and healthy and productive New Year to all my lovely blogging friends. We have had a really lovely Christmas and New Year. I have missed blogging though, and I am keen to get started! The Christmas decorations will be coming down tomorrow and that always makes me feel a little glum. The sparkle has gone! So I reckon I need to find some new ways to add a little winter sparkle to my home.

 Don't these glamorous lights look wonderful, especially when grouped? Or what about a beautiful French painted mirror, for a little sparkle?

Then of course there is the chandelier in the reflection, two for the price of one!

 A floral headboard could add a touch of glamour and a fresh look to an otherwise neutral scheme.

 Fresh flowers always do it for me! I love the jars with the vintage labels added.
 Polished silver for that light reflecting lustre. I love the garland of seashells on the fireplace and the charming lamp.

I made one of these seashell mirrors once. (I am not quite sure what happened to it!). I think they look lovely in the right place.

I haven't made a resolution this year. I always make them and never stick to them, so this year I am abstaining! I have been blogging for just over a year now, and apart from the beginning when I was trying to learn everything ,(very stressful), it has been an absolute joy. I have met so many wonderful, kind, talented people. It is definitely an atmoshpere in which to thrive! Most of all I have learned so much about myself, who I am and what I want from life. I intended to simplify my home, pare it down, even go a little bit modern.

I have discovered though that pared down a little is fine, but really pared down and industrial is not me. I like 'pretty', I like old and new mixed together and a certain amount of clutter makes me happy. I am pleased with the progress that I have made this year and if I can keep learning and growing in the year to come, I will be more than happy. I hope too that I can pass on a little of what I am learning to anyone who is interested, and that way, everyone wins!

Thankyou to all who follow my blog, call in and visit, and very sweetly leave comments. I hope that I will continue to keep it interesting and fresh, so that you want to return. With much love, Linda x

All images from http://www.pinterest.com/.


  1. Happy new year and may you do what you wish for!

  2. Lovely to see you here today, Linda. Lovely post to start the year with. I shall also be taking the decorations down tomorrow. I shall be sorry to get rid of all the sparkly lights. They are so lovely when the weather is damp and dark outside.It has been a pleasure getting to know you during this past year my friend. Happy New Year to you and your little family.

  3. I wish you a very happy New Year !
    Thank you for your kind comments :-)

  4. Hi Linda

    A very Happy New Year to you. A great post. I love the French mirror and chandelier. Have a great week and looking forward to reading your posts this year.

    Helen xx

  5. I've so enjoyed getting to know you this year and here's to a wonderful 2012 filled with more inspiration and joy. I think we share a love for a very similar style! Thank you for your sweet comments Linda and I can't wait to see what pretty things you bring our way. xo

  6. Hello Linda - Happy New Year, great to see a new blog from you - your images are always so beautiful.... I love to sit and enjoy them in a peaceful moment in the day. Look forward to the inspiration of the new year! xx

  7. I'm also frequently drawn to a more pared down decor style but I know I could not live without the things I love around me. I am far too much of a clutter bunny. I suppose I prefer to admire other people's minimalist style than to embrace it myself. It's a bit like armchair travel. Enjoying things from a distance. :)

    I do hope that this year is a kind, good one for you.


  8. I agree Linda...slightly pared down with the clutter of things you love being given room to breathe...old and new have their place in our home too,
    Best wishes for 2012,
    Love Julie x

  9. Happy new year Linda. I hope you continue to inspire us with your lovely blog and beautiful images that you find all through 2012.

  10. Happy New Year Linda

    I love the old and new together too. Some things remind us of the past while the modern places us in the "now" but will one day represent history to a coming generation.


  11. Hi Linda, thank you so much for your comment xx
    I don't want to take down my decorations either so I am leaving them up just tidying up a bit, putting away stockings and anything very obviously Christmas and keeping all my fairy's and white lights u. I am even keeping my tree up for a bit...Adrian says he is worried that I may start wearing white and pretending to be Miss Haversham...and calling small boys Pip...well why not..I like January..
    I love the idea of pared down...but then as soon as I have a space I pop something in it, its a law of nature dig a nice patch in your garden leave it empty and take a look in 6 months time, is it empty ....NOPE nature abhors a vacuum and fills it ha ha ....so why upset natural rhythms...
    I hope you have a wonderful year this year, it has been such fun following your blog posts,and will be super to follow them this year too oh and you don't know what trouble you started with that mushroom....nice trouble though ???
    Hugs to you and have a great week.
    Lynn xx

  12. I like a little clutter too - adds a little personality to a home and feels comfy! :)

    Hope you & yours have a very Happy New Year!

  13. Happy New Year to you and your family. Blogging is wonderful isn't it so many interesting and creative people. Do pop along to mine because I am having a give-away that I think you might like.

  14. Hello Linda
    Thank you as always for your lovely comments, but most of all for your friendship. It has been a pleasure following your wonderful blog during last year. And whatever changes you make this year, I know they will be just right.... pretty always works well for me (and clutter too!).
    It is 2.00am, so my new years resolution of not blogging into the early hours has just gone out the window! :)
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!
    Much love, Abby xx

  15. And thank you for your lovely blog in blogland :) Wishing you a wonderful 2012 - I hope it has been a wonderful one so far :) XOL

  16. These are wonderful! The flowers are lovely! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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