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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Singing in the Rain!

Well I am trying to! I am trying to see the positives.....my garden is very lush and  green. I am trapped inside the house and therefore my long needed housework is being done. I also do appreciate any little chink of sunlight and make the most of it...so it's all good ...isn't it? However I feel like I'm doing this.........

and want to be doing this..............

It's not all wet and dull around here though, I have the results of the giveaway.....................(drum roll).....firstly, the winner of the coffee cosy...

and secondly................(drum roll no.2 ) ...the winner of the tea cosy is...

So the winner of the coffee cosy was the lovely Diane from Southams Darling. (Sorry Diane I can't seem to create a link to your blog). Congratulations to you! And the winner of the tea cosy was the equally lovely Deborah from http://thefishermanscottage.blogspot.com/. Congratulations Deborah!

So I am hoping that my images of summer will encourage the sun to come out and play. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I am sorry I don't have the painted furniture photos for you just yet.

All images

All images are from here or my own.
Love Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    What a lovely selection of varied and interesting images you have included in today's post. We particularly like to imagine that you are skipping over the puddles as we write, or, better still, that the sun is now shining on you!

    Congratulations to the lucky cosy winners. We have been on tenterhooks since midnight last night!!!

  2. Hi Linda ..singing and dancing in the rain is such a great idea:)

  3. I love the photos you posted. I go from being 'chilled' to 'warm' throughout the day! But I bet your garden is just lovely :)

    Thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  4. I know how you feel! Today, in particular, doesn't know what to do...one minute sunny and warm and then huge black clouds roll in!! Thank goodness the school holidays have started though...cheered us all up in this house! Cx

  5. Hi Linda

    I love your attitude. Great photos I want to cozy up in Image no.8
    Your daughter is beautiful, we get a good look now that she has discarded the wet suit from last weekend.
    My best

  6. Congratulations to the winners and very well done to your lovely assistant for picking them out too!
    Your pictures are wonderful, and although it has been raining here today, your post has put a bit of sunshine into my day :)
    Love Abby xx

  7. Linda, I wanted to email you but did not find your email address in your profile. Do you mind looking at my profile and emailing me? I have a question.

    Lovely images and your special assistant. I missed out on the giveaway. I love your coffee cosy.

  8. Oh Linda, I have such a big smile on my face, I never win these sort of things...so pleased as I do have a soft spot for blue and white china so it will be warmly welcomed here:) x

  9. Hi Linda, I can't seem to find your E-mail address. Could you E-mail it to me at deborah_may@hotmail.co.uk, thank you x

  10. Congratulations to the two winners, soooo disappointed here!
    Lovely pics. The sun has made many appearances here in Cornwall this week, hope it finds it's way to you too.
    Becky x

  11. Congratulations to your lovely winners ~ and a big thank you for bringing sunshine into our day with those amazing photos! :) And well done to your lovely helper too! Hope the sun comes out for you soon, Love Brenda

  12. I love the prints in the 8th photo. Would like to know where they came from.

  13. Well, I just started to feel sorry for the reclining woman in the red hat, thinking she had some deformity, when I realised it was a red hat and not a one-boobed lady. Oh dear... really must start seeing as well as looking.

  14. Hello Linda

    We've been having much of the same sort of weather. On the other hand, when the sun shines, we appreciate it all the more. Yesterday, for instance, it was glorious. Today, we are back to rain.

    To be positive, rain water is said to be good for the complexion.


  15. Hi Linda, calling by at last as promised to enjoy your two recent posts, delightful, thankyou. I hope you get some decent weather this weekend.

  16. How funny...here I am in Southern California where it is almost 90 degrees outside longing for rain. Maybe we could change places and gardens for a while, mine could certainly use a little wash-up.(-: Your daughter is adorable. Have a great day.

  17. HI Linda! I do hope the rain stops for you verysoon! It's not funny any more. Loved all your photos today, but especially the one of Lois. Isn't she adorable?! I would like to thank Lois for picking me to win the coffee cosy! I really can't tell youhow happy I am about that me dear friend. It is such a gorgeous giveaway. Thank you so very much . I can't wait to receive it!! Address is Higher Newlands, Godwell Lane, Ivybridge, PL21 0LE, Devon, England. I am jumping up and down with excitement because I won it!!! Hugs.

  18. Congrats to the lucky winners of your lovely tea and coffee cosies! What a sweet helpful daughter you have there!
    Sorry you are stuck indoors with the wet weather - its been terrible for a few weeks here, but has cleared up wonderfully the last few days.
    Wonderful photos, very summery and cheerful!
    Hope the weather improves for you, and hope you are well - have a great weekend Linda!
    Gill xx

  19. Hi Linda!
    I have a new grandaughter! I will be helping out at my daughter and son in law's home for a few days! Your little girl is such a doll! Soon,
    I will post a photo of your artichoke...we haven't killed it yet! :D

  20. Lovely photos. I see you are still at pinterest. I need to get on there, but I barely have time to blog, tweet, and Facebook. My poor children!

  21. What a lovely post Linda...just gorgeous photos and images...the weather is not too bad here...but it could always be warmer! Could do with a month on a beach somewhere with a pile of homeware magazines...Robx

  22. Lovely summer images. It's cloudy in Holland , hope it will be better this week .

  23. I love your optimism! Hardly seems like it could be raining anywhere in the world!

  24. I hope things are drying up for you and the sun is peaking out. So unfair that I have more sun than I need - a little cool rain would feel so good right now in Dubai! Your cosies are so cute! xo

  25. Congratulations to both the lucky cosy winners! I so enjoyed all your delightful images today, Linda. I'm sorry it's been so rainy where you are and hope it will soon cheer up and be sunny again. It's nice that you have such an optimistic attitude - I do think that helps to make a happier life!
    Helen x

  26. Hi Linda, delivery to Ireland is no problem,but the freightcost are a little bit expensive,
    0-2 kg € 9.50
    2-5 kg € 18,-
    5-10 kg € 30,-

  27. Can take my eyes on this lovely selection of your photos:) You always amaze me Linda with your taste:)

  28. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  29. Hi Linda. Hope you don't mind me commenting like this, but I couldn't see an e-mail address for you! My beautifully wrapped parcel arrived today and I honestly am so thrilled with it! It's absolutely beautiful - I adore it. I also loved the little house sign that came with it - I love little signs with sayings on like that, so thank you so very much my friend. I will talk about your giveaway in my next post (probably post it on Friday) . Thank you again to Lois for picking me out. I'm a very happy bunny at the moment!! Hugs.

  30. Hi Linda, your package arrived yesterday, thank you, I love it and have done a post about it today, Love Deb x

  31. Not sure how I could have been so hopeless as to miss your gorgeous giveaway, but your cosies are fabulous, and the teacosy looks like it has found the perfect home on Deb's shelves! xx


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