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Monday, 14 March 2011

bedtime stories

This is Spangle, my daughters beloved bear. Well actually it is Spangle no.2 as the first one she had for 6 years and he was covered in fabric patches. She smuggled him in her bag when she went to the park with some friends one day and left him behind. Oh my what a day that was, she was heart-broken, we searched and searched in torrential rain and couldn't find him. My sister found her Spangle no.2 on E-bay and although she adores him, her heart belonged to no.1 and sometimes she still cries for him.
 Well at the start of another week I am feeling rather melancholy for some reason (probably hormonal!) Last night I was reading my daughter her bedtime story as usual. I get into bed beside her and we have a little cuddle first and then I ask her what she wants me to read to her. She absolutely loves it and usually is not satisfied with one story. Sometimes I am tired and a little grumpy, sometimes I would rather watch something on t.v., finish my sewing or catch up on google reader. Last night however I realised how very much I love that time with my daughter. She will be nine this year and is growing so quickly, but when I snuggle up to her in bed, she seems soooo small, still my little baby girl. I read to her  from a book that her Nana had given to her called Any Room For Me and she is of the age now where she notices how beautiful illustrations are, and it is just such a joy that we can share these things. I hope when she's older that she remembers being read to. Most of the children in her class are not read to, which I think is rather sad. Later in the week we are going on a little trip to Wales and England, we are going to visit Hill Top Farm which is a National Trust Property and had belonged to Beatrix Potter. You can look around the house, which is straight from the illustrations in her books, and garden ,...where you can just picture Peter rabbit and Benjamin bunny getting into mischief. It is all about keeping the magic alive, so important for our little ones, but rather good for "big ones" like me too! Have a wonderful week, love Linda.


  1. We have to treasure all these precious moments don't we, as they grow up so, so fast.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Wales and England. Hill Top Farm is wonderful.

  2. Your daughter will love that visit to the Beatrix Potter house, I am sure (and you as well, I expect!!). Isn't it awful when they lose a much loved cuddly toy like that. We've had the same thing happened with our two daughters when they were small! It's lovely that you spend that story telling time with your daughter. We have to make the most of times like that, because they grow away SO quickly!! That little book looks lovely with beautiful illustrations. Have a good week, and enjoy your little break. Hope the weather keeps good for you!

  3. Im so glad you are making the most of that special time with your daughter. You will both look back with pleasure.
    I used to read to my daughter every night from when she was a few months old and she wanted Peter Rabbit EVERY night, until she was nearly a teenager! We read everything under the sun!!
    Even now at nearly 16 we still enjoy the odd bedtime read of an old favourite book such as the Brambly Hedge books(usually in MY bed now as I'm usually in bed before her these days!)
    They grow up so fast, make the most of it as you are!
    Thanks for your lovely comment - its a great book, I do love that scandinavian style.
    Enjoy Hill Top Farm !
    Gill x

  4. Your story sounds familiar to me. I loved to read to the girls as well.

    Enjoy your time in the lake district! I hope you will make some photo's to show us!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. I can't wait to hear all about it! Have a great trip!

  6. Thank you for your very kind and sweet comment on my Lake Country post. It was a delightful visit. The house was very interesting but our tour rushed us more than I would have liked.

    I like the name of your blog very much too! I am certainly a flower lover. Your peonies are gorgeous. Did you grow your peonies? I love your cloches. I just did a new post on spring cloches and linked to a fun linky party named http:// strollthrulife.blogspot.com
    You might enjoy all the entries of cloches.

    I am excited to follow someone from Ireland. It would be a thrill to get to visit there. I have enjoyed Happy Homemaker too. I am now an official follower of your blog and will enjoy your future posts. I love doing the goggle connect thing. Would be honored for you to become a follower of Livingwiththanksgiving.blogspot,com

  7. Enjoy your trip to Hill Top Farm it is magical.
    You will all love it I'm sure...
    If you have time to visit Townend at Troutbeck, Windermere, well worth a trip.
    Julie x

  8. Thanks so much for visiting me today. I look back with such fondness at those special bedtime book reads...enjoy!! Lidy

  9. My mom (Bonnie) sent me over to see your pretty peonies. They are beautiful. And I can identify with you about bedtime snuggles. My little boy is almost nine and every time he hugs me or we read together I try to store away the memory. They grow up too fast.

  10. Beautiful imagery of flowers, special items, design, and travel. Thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting. And you are right, Brugges is just so beautiful. There are just so many things to photograph. Have you seen our En Route posting? And Snow in Brugges?


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