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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Home-baked scone,fresh coffee and a good book!

I don't know about you , but when I get a lovely new book to peruse, I wish to be alone. It is a bit of a ceremony, the coffee has to be brewed and I need something lovely to eat. How very indulgent I know, yet in this age of "having it all" isn't it good to be really excited when you get something new? Books are such a joy. Sometimes when money is tight, you have to satisfy yourself with  a flick through a few books or magazines at the bookstore, but there is nothing quite like that feeling of having a book in your bag just waiting there to be unleashed in all it's glory, when you get home. I used to feel that way too about magazines but I think they are all rather similar and unexciting now. There is still that bit of a thrill when you pick up a foreign magazine on holiday. Since I have started blogging I have found so many beautiful and inspirational images on peoples blogs and websites, that I am quite giddy with it all! Belgian, French, Dutch, Scandinavian, English and American, you name it you can find it, it is wonderful.
Aren't they cute...see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil!
However, I digress, back to my lovely book "Essentially French" by Josephine Ryan, printed by Ryland Peters and Small. It is a lovely sneaky peek into the homes of  both English and French Antique dealers, with gorgeous photography by Claire Richardson. You learn a little bit about them as well as their homes and so it is a good read as well as beautiful to look at. Many years ago, when I was married to an Antiques dealer we went to Spencer Swaffers gorgeous shop in Arundel in West Sussex. It was a complete Aladdin's cave, so full of wonderful stuff, especially original painted furniture. I had just begun to paint furniture and hadn't seen many examples of the "real mc coy", so it was an absolute thrill for me to look around. His beautiful home in Arundel is featured in this book.

I love to see details like this as it gives me inspiration when I am asked to hand-paint something.
If you like Antiques and you havent come across Atelier de Campagne the weblog of two guys,Trinidad Castro and Johan de Meulenaere. They trawl Europe for Antiques and Objects D'Art and ship them to America. They have wonderful taste and their stock is just to die for! In the blog the latest post is about Industrial Antiques and is really fascinating. I urge you to check it out. I found them on http://www.room17.nl/ a most beautiful and inspiring Weblog. Hennie is in Holland and works as an Interior Designer. She shows pictures of her own home and work that she is doing, as well an as lovely local events and happenings. She has impeccable taste, everything she does I love. She also has a wonderful online store selling the most gorgeous home accessories and furniture. Please do give her a visit.

image viahttp://atelierdecampagneantiques.blogsopt.com/

image via http://www.room17.nl/
 Oh dear, my coffee has gone cold now, time for another! Have a really special day, love Linda x.


  1. Sounds like a blissful way to spend a little time! Cx

  2. I agree about magazines these days. I used to be a magazine addict and bought all the home decor issues every single month but these days I am far more selective. As you said, they are all very samey-samey.

    When we are in France we like to buy Cote Paris and Cote Sud, and Marie Claire Idees and sometimes Elle Decoration. Here at home occasionally we get Country Living, Sussex Life and Coast. But it's rare.

    Books are a different story though. We are book lovers so we have a lot and keep buying more. My husband also worked in interior design for years and years so we have a zillion decor books - I am spoilt for choice.

    And yes, a new book ritual is a must...with peace and quiet, a cup of tea and a nice cake. Totally. :)

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your sweet comment, I need ofcourse get myself out there other then with a blog but the first step is set.
    I will hop over to your link in Holland, it looks promising! Enjoy your book with a new coffee (I am like you, drink, snack, book and read!), Have a good Thursday!
    Maureen x

  4. I so agree with you about a fresh new book to read. I have always loved reading - I think it is such a joy and I think those who do not read very much miss out on so much! Those photos were delightful. I love the french style very much indeed and, with my daughter living in Paris, there are some lovely little shops where I always head off to, and I usually come home with something.

  5. Dear Linda,how sweet of you to mention us on your blog. We are new to this community and already feel such appreciation for the gentleness with which everyone treats each other, affirming and elevating the efforts of each one as we all work towards bringing some beauty to others' lives. I love your description of seeking out solitude and comfort to dedicate yourself to enjoy a nice book. We have that affinity for sure.

    Cheers! Trinidad

  6. Hi Linda, thanx for the Room 17 link.
    No problem at all :-)

  7. What a delightful blog you have here. I have been cavorting aboout all your posts and photographs getting myself very excited. You have great taste.
    I particularly liked this post as I am an avid reader and I adore sitting down to a new book. I don't buy magazines either any more. As for inspiration I clearly have to go no further than this site.
    I have joined your band of fans and look forward to my return visits.
    Warm wishes

  8. I too, love new books, both novels and coffee table books too. I tend to put off opening them and beginning the pleasure of reading, because I like the expectation of opening etc. Silly I know. But then I figured something could happen unexpected and I might never get to see it, so now, once the new book is here with me, that's it... pot of tea and home made biscuit and away I go. Yours looks a lovely book.

  9. Ooh, I can't wait to check them out. Thank you for the tips! Lovely book too, BTW.

    Thank you for linking up to Post Of The Month - I do hope you'll join again next month :) XOL

  10. If money wasn't an issue I would have a house full of books, I think they're magical. I'm also with you on the coffee and treat to go with it...
    On another note antiques here in Australia are not quite the same - very expensive/overpriced and not a great amountof choice either.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. I like to do the same with a book! Your site is lovely and a joy to read too!

  12. I love books so thankyou for a sneak peek of something new to look out for, I too used to spend a small fortune on magazines but as most of them are just full of ads (I realise they have to make them pay)I try not to buy now. I will pop by and check out your rec blogs also they all sound so inviting.

  13. Yes I know what you mean, there is something very decadent and indulgent about that sort of new book!


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