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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Blue Heaven

I love blues......wishy washy sky blue, dusty dirty grey blue, duckegg, indigo, denim, purpley blue, navy blue, airforce, cobalt, ultramarine, pastel blue,........on and on....I love them all! all images via tumblr


  1. Yes, I love blues as well. There are so many different shades. Those are beautiful photos by the way.

  2. Hello Linda! Thank you so much for your lovely message, it brought me to your blog which is wonderful! I've made a cup of tea and I'm sitting down to browse through the rest of your posts! Warmest of wishes - Glenda xx

  3. Lovely photos, I enjoy old things, an interesting quote in this possession concious age of ours.

  4. I lve each and every one of the photos above - love hte faded blues and lightly distressed worn furniture.
    I am so drawn to that photo with the sunray mirror - i love it with the colour of the wall behind and the shabby chest.
    Congrats on cutting out the skirt!!! Thats more than i've done - im still at the dreaming stage!
    You must do a show and tell when you get going with it or finish it - might spur some of us on!

  5. Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by my blog. Congratulations on your half century...mine is in a few weeks...where have the years gone?? Your blog is great, I enjoyed reading about your visit to the Lakes district...what a pity that Beatrix Potter's house was closed. We would love to explore this region...it is on our rather long list...along with Ireland! Robx

  6. Love all the vintage items - great montage :) XOL

  7. Great mix of blues! I especially like the linens and the sign that say "....or do without". Awesome.

    I wrote a post today about all of the stuff my Mom left me when she passed and I was probably going to get rid of a lot, but she did leave a bunch of blue glass that I am definitely keeping because it is so lovely and that I have memories of.

    I will have to post pics, so you can see them. :)

  8. I saw that first picture and I instantly felt calm. I'm a blue person through and through. My bedroom is blue toile de jouey (too much information?!). Lovely inspiring post.


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