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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Think Pink!

lovely roses via tumblr
photograph via martha stewart
I kind of like pink, but not in that very girly way that some girls like it, where everything is pink...clothes, shoes, hair! I adore pink roses and peonies, geraniums and sweetpea, tulips and livingstone daisies. I love all the infinite variety of shades.
I love to see little baby girls dressed in the softest of baby pinks. I notice looking at my photos that I  seem to have a penchant for pink drinks!
photograph via tumblr
photograph via tumblr
photograph via crafting chicks
photograph via tumblr

My daughter makes me laugh. She is actively on a "hate pink" campaign at the moment. It appears that there are two camps (when you are 8) the princess, girly pink brigade and the I don't wear dresses, I'm more of a tomboy brigade. She is definitely the latter! Even when she was younger, my mum used to love to buy her the dresses down to your ankles with loads of petticoats underneath. Lois hated them and wore them under sufferance, to please Nan.I love the gorgeous peachy shade of pink you get inside a seashell, or that lovely dusky shade you get in old velvet. In Interiors I love old plaster pink and pale pale pastel pink. I also love the mix of pink and red, which when I was a child was "just not done" but I think they really bounce off each other and make rooms come alive.I adore it when you pick roses from the garden in all shades of pink with peach and yellow thrown in to the mix as well, just so summery and sumptious!
photograph via martha stewart

there is something gorgeous about flowers underwater

photograph via kate foreman
photograph via tumblr

chocolate kisses via tumblr
I would like to thank everyone who visits my blog and takes the time to read and perhaps share a little something with me. You really make my day! Thankyou too to all you lovely poeople who follow me, I hope that I can keep it fresh and interesting for you. Consider yourselves wrapped in a pink cashmere throw and hugged! Love Linda x.

I don't mind a man in a pink shirt either

pretty seashells via

adorable dior via


  1. That pink cashmere throw is so soft and snuggly, and just what I needed on this chilly damp morning over here in deepest Devon! A lovely, well thought out post today, Linda. You certainly do keep your blog posts fresh and interesting. I also love all those beautiful shades of pink. I think dusky pink is my favourite, and I adore that rose on the little journal. I had never seen flowers under water before! Gorgeous photos you have picked out for us today. Thank you!

  2. Hi,
    I found you via Jill and just came for a nose. I love your photos and agree about the pink... also love the pink of good sugared almonds - as opposed to the garish cheaper ones.
    We have all the pink flowers in the garden that you mentioned, plus faded old rose pink velvet curtains in the bedroom, not at the moth-eaten stage thank goodness, but I know you will know the colour without me describing it.
    I never wore pink as a child... at ages 8-10 years, my favourite dress was a blue toile du joy (spelling?)fabric and the second favourite a lovely shade of rich deep blue with a red and white dotted sash. And although now I still favour darker, deeper, richer colours, I have pink tiles amongst the patchwork tiled splashbacks in the kitchen, a gorgeous pink kettle.. and find I actually love pink! But not, as you say, when there is pink overload. Great post on a grey day.

  3. What lovely images you've posted today. I agree around about 8 girls start to categorize themselves into 'girly girls' or tomboys don't they? My 8 year old is a girly girl, but purple has replaced pink.... I think that she feels that purple is slightly more "grown up"?

  4. Hi Linda,

    You posted some beautiful photo's today! I love pink, but in combination with other colours. So that the colour stands out.

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet,


  5. I love pink but my daughter is like yours...no pink allowed! Her room is pink and she is constantly begging me to change it! A project for Easter I think! Cx

  6. Oh I adore the pink sea shells!!!! Wouldn't they look fabulous in a large apothecary jar in the bathroom!

  7. Hi Linda

    Lovely post and fab photos. I think I may have been deprived of pink as a child because in the last few years I've just want everything to be pink. The pink seashells are gorgeous.

    Have a great day


  8. I was very anti-pink until my late 20's now I really love it!

  9. What another lovely post Linda!
    I love all shades of pink too, so the images you've chosen are just beautiful to me too.
    On the school run at the moment down one lane there are masses of the palest pink milk maids on the bank - they are so lovely!


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