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Friday, 25 March 2011

Liebster Awards

I was given the Liebster Award earlier in the week by gillyflower .I am thrilled and delighted by it, but rather daunted by the prospect of passing it on to other new blogs.

I would like to pass it on to A Welsh Girl In Australia a lovely girl with an interesting blog talking about life for a Welsh girl in Australia, with great photos of the wildlife and glimpses into their family life. Congratulations!

I would also like to pass it on to Robynne's Nest a kind of mirror reflection of the above blog, this is an Australian girl living in England. It is a wonderful depiction of country life, with great photos too! Congratulations!

Last but not least I would like to pass it on to The Anusha Diary . This is the blog of an online Boutique owner giving you an insight into her working world plus lots of local interest. She sells beautiful clothes, jewellery, purses and accessories in her Boutique. Congratulations!

Crown image via http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/
I hope you will take the time to check these girls out if you haven't come across them before. Many thanks for dropping by, love Linda x.


  1. Congratulations on your award, I will check out the ladies you have passed the award on to. Oh and thanks for your comment on my moon post, love that rhyme!

  2. Congratulations to all the Award winners!

  3. Well hi Linda, thank you so much for your kindness...I am thrilled that you like my blog so much..it has been an amazing experience diving into the blog world. What started out as a chance to journal my adventures mainly for myself and family back in Australia is turning into something much more. Meeting kind and interesting women, like yourself, is becoming a lovely bonus, something that is of great value to me, especially as an expat a long way from home. Have a great weekend, you have certainly made mine! Robx

  4. Congratulations on your award! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I was very excited to see a local blogger! I have enjoyed reading through. Cx

  5. Oooh, thank you Linda, what a lovely thing to do.
    I already love Robynne's blog - I adore the fact that she is exploring so much of my homeland. I haven't visited The Anusha Diary before so will go and have a look.
    Now, Linda, would you belive that I also lived in Skipton! You must email me and tell me when you were there.

  6. Hi Linda!
    Congrats to the bloogers to whom you are apssing the award - I look forward to visiting their blogs as I havent come across those yet - these awards are such a great way of discovering new blogs.
    Thanks for your comments - I did wonder if that plant was feverfew too
    Enjoy your day!
    Gill x

  7. Ah - thank you so much for my award, Linda! That's really kind of you.
    And lovely to discover your blog too!

  8. Hello. :)

    I've just found your blog from Maureen at Daydream Living. I saw "Flowers on my Table" in her blog sidebar and was drawn to it because I used to have a blog called Baguette on my Table - (I used to live in France.)

    So glad I found you - Ireally like your blog. I was just looking at some of those Springtime stuffed hearts and ducks you made - they are great. Love them.

    Anyway I have followed you and subscribed via Google Reader so can keep up with your new posts.

  9. Congratulation on your award..I love the crown too...Mr Hare is on his way..a little nervous but looking forward to arriving
    Hugs Lynn xx

  10. Linda you asked me what I thought of Etsy - um...it's a good place to sell your things but you have to work hard at promoting your shop to get sales because it's so very competitive.

    Pricing can be tricky too - I have changed my prices often and am now at a level I think is appealing to buyers and still gives me a profit - but it took a few goes to get there!

    You need to renew your listings or add new things often, so that you keep near the top of searches otherwise you just get buried in the sea of sellers.

    If you have unique, handprinted fabric then you stand a good chance of being successful because there is a lot of samey-samey stuff on Etsy.

    Have you looked at Folksy? I have just registered there on someone elses recommendation and wil be setting up shop soon.

    It's UK based so is quite appealing to me because my Etsy sales are international and postage costs are high, which can be off-putting for buyers. I'd like to sell more locally.

  11. How wonderful! Congratulations to all!!! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  12. Hi Linda, congratulations on your award.
    And yes, the gardenhouse is a perfect place to photograph some stock :-)


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