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Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Well here she is as promised, my little angel, Lois. Isn't she sweet? You can just see our dog "Sparky" investigating this strange angel creature, in the corner of the second picture.

Another angel, my lovely friend Yolanda, brought this carrier bag full of gorgeous lilac blooms from her garden, to our party. I just love the bag, with it's simple print and clever words. I had seen an image of a wall full of framed carrier bags (see below), and thought that perhaps I should do something similar. I have no other bags though, so in the meantime I have hung the bag on a nail in my kitchen so that I can enjoy it and think about what to do with it.

I hope you all have a visit from an angel, to lift your spirits and brighten your life. Love Linda x

The bottom 4 images are from tumblr.


  1. Hello Linda:
    A truly angelic post!! Lois looks absolutely adorable in her white dress and the hair decoration is just perfect.

    What a clever idea to frame carrier bags for wall decoration. Your single specimen does indeed look elegant but will, we are sure look wonderful with some suitably stylish companions. Our prettiest bags hang on the bedroom door of our Brighton rooms and now you have inspired us to 'raise our game'!!

    What a very joyful post, completely in harmony with glorious weather we are enjoying in Budapest. Have a lovely day.

  2. Lois looks so pretty in her dress! I love your little bag - funny - I have been collecting a few bags myself to frame just as you have shown! :)

  3. such a pretty princess you have!! she is adorable! and can imagine she is your big joy!!! congrats!

  4. Delightful photos of Louis on her first Holy Communion Day, and I love this angelic post! I love anything to do with angels. What a wonderful idea having those bags framed like that. They look very effective, I must say. Check out my Blog tomorrow, as there will be something there for you!

  5. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for your beautiful wishes and your sweet comments on my blog! Lois looks lovely in her white dress. Like an angel indeed.

    I can imagine you falling in love with the bag. It's simple and stylish! I hope you will find some other bags to accompany it soon.

    Have a lovely day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  6. Your daughter looks so sweet in her lovely dress... such a great shot of that great bag with the lovely chandelier and a great idea to frame them x

  7. Lois looks beautiful! So very pretty! Cx

  8. Hi Linda,
    well, reading all the posts I have missed in one go was so nice to do! Your outdoor bench made me have bench envy, and we have the same lanterns, blue and white with the flowers, they are so sweet right? Have a good rest of the week,
    Maureen xx

  9. Soooooo cuuuute!!!

  10. A beautiful post Linda and you have a charming little girl. She looked very sweet. Must have been a big day for her.

    That bag would look great in a black or white frame - fab idea.

  11. Angelic indeed! Just so beautiful! I loved the wonderful bag ~ it looks so lovely hung on the wall! Love Brenda

  12. Hello Linda

    Don't little girls shine when they put on their party dress: an angelic image.

    Here, in a largely Protestant country, First Communion is uncommon. However, there is a long tradition for celebrating Confirmation at the age of 15. In times gone by, this right of passage was often seen as the time when a young person joined the adult ranks, left school and began to earn a living. Today, Confirmation may be either a religious or a secular ceremony, followed by a big party with family and friends who shower the young person with expensive presents or money.

    Glad to read that your party was such a success.


  13. Lois looks beautiful, just like something out of a magazine!
    I have a little collection of Jo Malone bags that I can't bring myself to throw out...maybe I should hang them in my bedroom?? Thanks for the idea.
    Thanks for the comment re the mirror and fireplace.

  14. Oh - she is lovely!!! Wonderful post with a sweet message.
    Wishing you & yours a happy one, Linda!
    ~ Zuzu

  15. Lois does indeed look like an angel, and a very pretty one too. Your pictures are wonderful, I have also kept some lovely bags which I did not want to part with. It is a really great idea to display them on a wall, but like you, I will need more to make an impact.
    Thank you for your lovely comments, they are very much appreciated :~) Abby xx

  16. You are all so kind in your comments about Lois, it makes me come over all warm and fuzzy. Thankyou, love Linda x

  17. I had a new angel leave me a comment on my blog today - you.

  18. Linda,
    Lois is a precious angel! Thank you for sharing her sweet image and the additional lovely images today.

  19. what a beautiful and dreamy post Linda!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    love Maaike
    Oh and thank you for asking about the wedding plans. I am enjoying this time really, it is all set and done except for some details...I will post about it on creJJtion soon, since everyone seems to be interested :-).

  20. Lois is adorable. I hope you are well. Got your comment today. We call fall--autumn, but probably don't use it as much as we do fall.


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