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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cushion me beautiful!

I thought I would share with you two very talented cushion designers. They are both to be found  on Etsy the first, Samantha from The Nest makes wonderful rustic creations from burlap, with words that make you want to own one. I don't know about you, but my "wish list" has seriously increased since I started blogging. Samantha is from Wales, she has a wonderful blog where she shares her great furniture restoration ideas called http://thenestuk.blogspot.com/. Here are some of my favourites, although she also does some wonderful animals, like a Moose and Deer, that would be great for Christmas.

The second is  Kristi  from Jolie Marche, in Tenessee. She also has a lovely interiors inspired blog called  Simple Everyday Glamour. Her cushions I feel are a little more sophisticated, and the detail in the coloured ones is astonishing. See for yourself......


I hope I haven't depressed you all too much? The thing is though, they are all so gorgeous and if they were in a terribly smart shop, the type that have those carrier bags I'm after, they would be so much more expensive. Its past my bedtime, so goodnight to you all, love Linda x


  1. We seem to love all the same sort of things, Linda! I always look at the cushions when I go into shops. The ones you have picked out for us are very special. I love your little Award Free sign and the words beneath it. Well done!

  2. Oh Linda.. how lovely are those, I can't even pick a favourite, I'm off to check them out :) x

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Linda. And to be featured in the same post as Jolie Marche - what an honour! I love their pillows too.

  4. Hello Linda:
    These are absolutely fabulous. What is more, they would look equally at home in either traditional or very contemporary surroundings. The designs are well thought out, the colours interestingly 'faded', and there is also, so important in life, an element of fun about them.

    It is so good to discover new things on the blogosphere and then to be able to share them with others does, or so we feel, cement so many new friendships.

  5. Linda,

    Thank you very much for the blog post, you picked such beautiful items, and I'm glad to be included with such wonderful Etsy artisans! It's such a delight...thanks again and please stop by and see me again!



  6. Thank you for sharing all these lovelies with us! Talented ladies indeed! They're all beautiful, but I particularly love the last two featured. So glad you shared them with us before bed :) Love Brenda

  7. I love cushions and have far more than I need. I am however very tempted by these, they are gorgeous. I shall check out both blogs, and thank you for sharing :~)
    I hope you had a resful nights sleep. Abby xx

  8. So much cushion lovelines, will have to have a peruse! xx

  9. Thanks for the share Linda, great links,
    enjoy the week, Maureen

  10. Thank you for sharing such deliciousness - off to check them out XOL

  11. Oh how beautiful are those cushions! I'd love to have them ALL. Yes that's how greedy I am. :) Great selection Linda.

    Also - I have listed that tea towel bunting in my Etsy shop, should you want to pop over for a look.


  12. These are both such pretty shops! I have a serious weakness for cushions and could easily find a spot for every one of these! :)

  13. The "Bonne Nuit" and "Our Nest" are so charming in their simplicity!

  14. Wow! nice pillows and things. Thanks for stopping by to say hi! Christie

  15. I love the burlaps with words!

  16. ...yes, I am going to the Chelsea Flower Show, and I can hardly stand it!!! Hoping to blog about it this weekend :) Will you make it there too? XOL

  17. Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love those turquoise books that you are talking about as well...have seen them at Appley Hoare in London..she stock French Antiques and I think they were the price of a small car!! Have a look at mydesignchic.com (the links on my post) she has the most amazing photos of those types of books. Just love those cushions on your post especially the Jolie Marche ones. I've just invested in some from Cabbages and Roses and they set me back but they are lovely. Robx

  18. Thanks for Sharing Linda!!
    Keep Posting more....
    Wales Florists


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