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Friday, 6 May 2011

Naughty me!

I just had to do it, I couldn't stand it any longer! I had to cut them and bring them in. No, I hear you true gardener's out there wailing. I am sorry, but the reason I grow flowers is so that I can enjoy them in my home, anyway the forecast was rain, rain, rain and they would have been bashed and smashed. So much better then on my kitchen table! I am in love with these tulips, the colour, the shape ,the size, they have lasted surprisingly long too.

I experimented with the editing thingy (technophobe) and made a sepia image which I rather like.

I was also a bit naughty because I made Gill's banana bread (from Gillyflowers blog) and my husband and I have polished it off between us and I am supposed to be avoiding sweet things! I have also been swiping recipes from other bloggers, so I'm obviously in a little bit of a rebellious mood. The banana bread is very good, I highly recommend it!

That's what I think! Have a great weekend, love Linda x            Quotation from here


  1. I am mouthwatering with your banana cake AND the beautiful flowers!!! kisses

  2. Hello Linda:
    As we no longer have a garden, we totally endorse your bringing the tulips indoors where they actually look lovely. We should do the same!

    The banana bread looks delicious. Our Hungarian cook-housekeeper often makes us something similar but called Walnut and Chocolate Bread. Sounds not too good but is, in fact, very moorish!

  3. My sentiments EXACTLY!! Enjoy your weekend...let's hope it stays dry! Cx

  4. Love that Life is Short quote! Those tulips are an amazing colour, and they look lovely in the house. As you say, they would only have been bashed around in the weather anyway, so you saved them really! That's why I don't bake cakes or bread, because I just end up eating it all!! LOL! Have a lovely weekend over there.

  5. Hi Linda!
    Those are definately rules to live by! Thanks for popping in today. I was thinking that the burlap dust ruffle(valance)could be made or crafted very inexpensively...burlap is about a dollar a yard. although...
    I am not certain how it could be washed...(maybe vacuumed... or... taken outside and lightly showered with a garden hose in the summer!-LOL) Have a great weekend!

  6. Never mind about the banana bread - as that poster says, life is short. Break the rules. :) I am so hungry right now, waiting for supper, I could eat half that loaf in minutes. I am supposed to be trying to lose some weight though - crept on over winter - and it is so HARD. Hungry is my middle name.

    I would also have brought the flowers indoors - they give so much pleasure. I cut some bluebells, lilac and other bits last Friday and they lasted almost the whole week and the scent was heavenly.

    Have a lovely weekend - hope the weather isn't too dire - we have sun and warmth forecast. Hope so.

  7. OOOhhh Linda it looks good with that streak of chocolate showing!!!
    I cant beleive they are tulips! They are gorgeous! Thought they were a rose or paeony or something at first.
    Thanks for the mention, and I have an apology to make - i have just discovered with shock that you are not there on my list of fav blogs!!! I went to go there to click on you to visit, and there you were not!
    Very sorry about that, you are there now as you should have been for a long while.
    have a great weekend - i love the saying!
    Gill xx

  8. Gorgeous tulips, I would have done exactly the same. Tulips and banana bread in the same post, bliss!!

  9. The flowers are lovely - quite right to enjoy them while they bloom - especially if the weather is going to change.

  10. I love to see flowers cut from the garden in the house. I have practically missed one of my peonies flowering - now I'm back at work I don't get out there as much. I wish I'd cut the flowers and brought them in as I would have enjoyed them far more. Your tulips are beautiful. Like Gill, I thought they were peonies or roses.
    That banana bread looks good!
    Becky x

  11. I posted pictures of the self same tulip on my blog a week or so ago when I did a meander through the garden. This is our first year with this particular variety, it is absolutely gorgeous isn't it, almost over now, but definitely one I am adding to the list. I have fallen in love with tulips this year, never been all that fussed before, but these new varieties they have, and the lollipop colours of standard tulips are just gorgeous.

  12. Lovely post - those tulips are so beautiful, and you can enjoy them so much more in the house! The banana bread looks delicious - I'm not surprised it didn't last long! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Hi Linda! Wonderful flowers..they seem to have. Sparkling magic light!

  14. Wow! To have those flowers adorning my home all the time! Linda, thank you so much for your lovely comments and visiting our blog. That bread is mouth-watering. One thing I plan to do on my time off, is to learn to bake. I'm a mess in the kitchen!


  15. Hello Linda
    I always feel that tulips are a little luxury. Perhaps there is still a faint echo of the Dutch Tulip Mania, when tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold.
    Your blooms are realy beautiful. They deserve to be taken indoors.
    I am now an admiring new follower

  16. Hi Linda, it's a toss up isn't it sometimes...leave the flowers alone or bring em inside...they are beautiful and they would have been ruined by the weather anyway!! Robx

  17. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for dropping by. We usually leave the tulips where they are, in the hopes (often vain) that they will naturalise, spread etc. However, these pretty ones were in a mixed bag, and the majority of them were red and yellow stripes. The two don't sit well with me, though normally clashing, sorry 'contrasting' colours don't bother me. However, I am hoping that if we lift and replant somewhere, the naturalising and spreading lark will work next year!

  18. Sometimes we can be both naughty and nice! Your flowers are lovely & the bread looks lucious! :)
    Happy day to you, Linda!!!

  19. I don't blame you for wanting them in your house. They are beautiful and yes the rain would have ruined them.


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