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Monday, 9 May 2011


A nifty little bell to have, don't you think?

Numbers are pretty cool too!

I would love to have a rummage in here.

Love the writing on all these little drawers.

There is something wonderful about words and numbers included in interiors. It can add a touch of humour or whimsy. It can mean something personal. Or sometimes it just plain looks good!

I just love these enamel no.'s too.

Lovely little phrases and sayings popped around your home can catch you offguard sometimes and really cheer you up.

Mine flew away when I was younger, you can come back now birdie!

This is rather good.

Even a windowbox and a shelf!

Take it easy, all you bloggers out there.

And thankyou to all you lovely people who are kind enough to leave a comment or follow me. I am overwhelmed.

Have a great week everyone, we are having a family party on Saturday, and I am not sure how much blogging will get done, as I have rather a lot to do. See you soon, love Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    We have been truly captivated by this wonderful collection of words and numbers which are, of course, beautifully presented. This is such a fun, and interesting, post - full of ideas to be stored away and used!!

    Your family party for the coming weekend, although a great deal of work in the preparation, will, we are sure, be a huge success, not least on account of the time and effort which we know you will put into it. Possibly it may turn into a post next week??

    Enjoy yourself and do not work too hard!!

  2. SO SWEET, love your post so much!!!! We can use the words in sucha romantic way.... you are preparing a a party? then I wish you a good job till then!!! kisses !

  3. Love all these images Linda!
    Particular favs are the Garden and Library one - thats so true for me anyway! - and the crown, and the birdie and the tea and warm socks!
    Hope you have a wonderful family party at the weekend - have fun preparing too!

    Gill xx

  4. Oh I love all those photos.... what is the 'If you have a garden and a library....' I rather fancy that myself as it fits how I think. I am lucky enough to have both... no money because of them, but as long as we are fed and warm, there is nothing else we need or want.

  5. I love all those photos- and the one that says Press for Champagne is wonderful! I love the comment about the adventurous bird as well. You must try to get yours back! How lovely to have a family party to look forward to. Hope all the preparations go well.

  6. Well, Linda, I've had a really rough day, but the people whose opinion really counts have reminded that it isn't really personal. Anyway, tomorrow I shall wear my invisible crown and rise above it all until that tiny little bird is ready to venture out.
    If all else fails I'm going to get me one of those bells!
    Becky x

  7. Very interesting and so cute. Don't know which one is my favorite.

  8. Love all those happy images - so vintagey. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! XOL

  9. How cool is that "Take it easy!"

    I'd love to get my hands on some of those cubby holes for my craft room...they're great AND they have character!

  10. Just love your blog. Love the design and this post is filled with things I enjoy. I think I need to start wearing my invisible crown and take better care of myself! Love the enamel numbers. I love everything,

  11. Linda! Such a fun post! I too love the kitchen with the words on the drawers!
    Take care, my friend!

  12. I really like the Always wear your invisible crown saying. I think I'll adopt that one. Hope your family get together is fun.

  13. Oh I loved this post! I too love words as part of decoration - I think that's why I first loved samplers. Your collection here is so lovely - I really liked everything, but especially the adventurous little bird one!! Hope you're having a happy week.
    Helen x

  14. Hi Linda,

    Where do you find them all?! I especially like the words. The print with the tea and socks made me laugh out loud! And that one about the garden and the library.....I could not do without them either, but to state it like that....:-)!!!

    Have a lovely evening & lieve groet,


  15. Hi Linda!! I finally had the chance to become your follower!!!! yeah..
    this post fits me sooooooo well, you know!

  16. Hello Linda, Just found your beautiful blog! I am also a florist by trade but just love "VINTAGE" everything...what a wonderful post = love the "make something" cubby's.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  17. Hope your party went well xxx
    I love all of your pictures with words letters numbers just can't get enough xxx
    Hugs Lynn xx


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