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Monday, 16 May 2011

To party or not to party...that is the question.

Martha Stewarts wonderful pom pom flowers. Martha Stewart

Image via tumblr

Saturday was the day of my daughters First Holy Communion. Not being a Catholic myself, I hadn't quite grasped what a big deal this is. There was a lot of hoo haa about the dress and the hair and the shoes, but we got there in the end and she did look lovely. Also the small family lunch out changed to the rather larger family and friends gathering at home. Our home is not very large so we decided we would make use of the garage. When we bought our house it had a bar in the garage and we were very excited about the idea of having parties in there, but, you know how it is, it ends up being used as a store for all the junk! So I set to, after my husband had cleared away most of the junk, to paint the bar and the floor and decorate with chinese lanterns and pom-pom flowers. As a bit of a joke for the guests I painted a blackboard on the outside and painted a sign saying  "The Lion's Head restaurant and bar". Also a sign above the door about the proprietors. I had wanted to paint the walls as well, but of course ran out of time, no matter ,the bar was a big hit with everyone including the children who wanted to be the bartenders. We had hoped that the weather would be good so that some people could sit outside and we even had a little chiminea incase it was chilly.

I love to be the Hostess and to make things pretty for my guests, but I am afraid that I do get myself very stressed out and a little hung up on the details. Needless to say I didn't have time to photograph anything on the day, so I am afraid you will have to make do with photos taken before and after. I will post again later in the week to let you see what Lois looked like on her big day, my husband hasn't put his images unto the computer yet. Sadly I had a lovely "Sweet Treat" table filled with jars of sweets, cupcakes, tiny meringues, ginger cake and tiffin, but no photos!

I made little labels for all the food, but then forgot to cook the chicken wings! I learned a valuable lesson, not to lose focus of what is truly important. My daughter had a wonderful day, but she really wasn't that worried about what everything looked like, she cared more for having fun with her friends and cousins. Our guests enjoyed themselves, and I don't think they really worried if the bar walls were painted or not, whether things were homemade or bought, as long as there was plenty of food and drink and good conversation, that constitutes a good party. If only I could chill a little I might have had a good time too. Delegation is something I have issue with, I just can't do it, people offer to help and I decline. Is it only me, or do others of you out there struggle with these things. I am 50 for goodness sake, I should have learned by now!!! Anyway, back to the party.......

I think I may have gone a little o.t.t with the flowers and definitely with the Rowan tree, but what the heck!

So, that is it for today. I have scheduled a big party for my 50th at the end of August (yes I know my birthday was in March, just ignore that) it is to be 1950's inspired, with Rock 'n Roll music and 1950's fancy dress. Should I do it, should I not? Or should I do it and just order in pizza? Help me out here please, and thanks for listening, I feel better now! Much love, Linda x


  1. wow!!! you decorated and arranged so lovely!!! Happy to hear you had a nice celebration! kisses!! and of course you should celebrate! I am curious!!!

  2. It looks absolutely fabulous! I'm sure all your guests appreciated the extra effort you went to, and all the lovely little touches ~ makes for such a special and memorable day! And the flowers are just beautiful ~ not OTT at all ~ you can never have too many flowers ! :) The idea for your 50th sounds great ~ I think you should do it, and order in pizza ~ that way you can spend more time with the preparations/decorations etc., and really enjoy the day without having to worry about food as well. Love Brenda

  3. Linda what a fabulous job you did. You put in so much effort that I'm sure your guests noticed.
    As far as your birthday party goes, I think you have to have a big party....
    As much as it sounds a good idea to not do the whole decorating, food thing yourself, you probably will not enjoy it as much! If you're used to doing things the way you want, then that's just who you are! I think I also have a tendancy to want to manage things myself.
    Maybe do a bit of both - you could decorate the place and get someone else to help with the catering?

  4. Always answer a resounding YES when it comes to celebrating life milestones with rocking parties!!! :-)

  5. Hello Linda:
    This all looks to be such fun and is immediately evident to see that you must have put in a great deal of time and effort into making the party such a success. Like you, we think that if there is plenty of food and drink, and lively people, then you cannot go wrong.

    But nothing is worth being stressed over. And if for your 50th the prospect of all the work is too overwhelming, then hire help [and hang the cost!!].

  6. Linda, you did a fabulous job, the bar doesn't even look like a garage. The flowers are gorgeous, I don't think you can ever have too many. Yes, yes, yes to celebrate. I too have the very same birthday in just over a months time. My hubby's planning something with my sister and I almost dread to think what he's got up his sleeve. Lesley x

  7. What a delight - I learned a new word today! I had to google it, but your Rowan Tree is the same as the Mountain Ash in the US. Looks like a great celebration! XOL

  8. Brilliant! Party party party!!!!! Is The Lion's Head open for business?! Cx

  9. The bar area looks fantastic and, as usual, all your decorations are quite wonderful. You really do put an effort in. That's what we'll be doing for the wedding in the garden in June! But I am so like you in that I am starting to feel a bit stressed about it all already. I always want everything to look perfect,I want everyone to have a wonderful time, and I think it's all down to me if they don't, which is quite silly really, but there you go, we can't help how we are. I would love to be a laid-back person and just let everything happen! I am looking forward to seeing a photo of your little girl at her first Communion. Loved the sign about the Proprietors!

  10. Your garage? Surely not. Does the word garage mean something else in Ireland? My garage is full of diy tools, half used tins of paint, garden hose and many cobwebs! Yours is stunning! I'm glad you had such a lovely day.
    August is a long way off, so you have lots of time to prepare for your party and if you get all organised before the day, and rope in some help with the food, perhaps you will be able to relax and enjoy your special day.
    Thanks for your comment on my latest post. You are absolutely right, completely bonkers! The frock guard would get filthy very quickly, but every time I see that pic I want to do a little skip around the room! I am beyond help!
    Becky x

  11. Linda, you "have" been very busy! I can tell we would be good friends if we were neighbors. I LOVE the pub concept and the pennant banner and the blackboard signs! Your flowers are beautiful!! So many details...the little hand stamped labels... so darn cute and fun!
    Thanks for popping in to visit me... Have a party to celebrate 50!... Keep well, my far a way friend!

  12. Dear Linda,

    Congratulations on your daughters communion! I can still remember mine. It is such a happy event. You decorated the house wonderfully! Love the bunting and the food labels!

    About the party for your 50th birthday. If I were you I would celebrate! Perhaps you can get some friends to help you and make it less stressful for you.

    Happy evening & lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  13. Heavens Linda you went to town and it was all lovely - well done you! :) Beautiful flowers - I'm afraid I generally forget about les fleurs and it's often a last minute rush job - whatecer I can find in the garden normally - even branches off the rosemary and bay bushes have been used - sad looking and pathetic but heyho.

    Lots of lush food and laughter are what make a party special after all.

    Great that everyone had a blast - how could they not with everything you did?

    And if you bottle out of a big do for your 50th (totally understandable) then you could always try and wangle a weekend break in London or something? Take in a show and have a slap up meal and lots of shopping? Ooh I want to go to London now for my birthday.

  14. Fabulous Linda!
    Love everything....especially your lamps and running hare amongst the frilly tulips... beautiful.
    1950's for a 50th sounds good to me...Go for it!
    Julie x

  15. Do it! Just order in the food. I'm like you and always do it all myself,and then I'm too busy and tired to enjoy myself.

    It's your birthday ( sort of). Let others help, you focus on looking good.

    xo Jane

  16. That's a garage??? It looks so cute! you did a great job and I love all the special touches you had everywhere. I'm sure everyone had a lovely time and I'm just like you - trying to overthink everything and make things perfect when only you know what you did and didn't get done!
    Definitely have the party in August but order in so you can enjoy yourself easily too! That's what it's all about! xo

  17. Hello Linda, your blog is wonderful (beautiful peonies on your header) and I had to comment as I am the worlds worst delegater. My Mother always said "if you want a job doing properly, then do it yourself", and so I do... all of it! You seem to have done an amazing job and I am sure everyone will have appreciated the effort that went into making the day such a success. If you are going to enjoy your 50th party, my advice would be to go with the 50's theme as it will be great fun, but get friends/family to make a food dish each or get caterers in. It is your party so you want to have a great time too!
    Abby x

  18. I think you should do the whole catastrophe for your 50th...you don't achieve a half century every day...or ever again for that matter...so go all out. Even better...get somebody else to do it so you don't stress. I'll be waiting to see the photos! Robx
    p.s. you just foof around and do the flowers.

  19. Thankyou all so much for your comments and very helpful advice. I shall indeed party, but get some help, concentrate on titivating and "foofing around"! Lots of love Linda x

  20. Mimi, thankyou so much for your kind comments. You appear not to have a blog, so I can't reply to you directly. If this is not the case, let me know and I can pay you a visit. Love Linda x

  21. Oh my goodness another bloggy friend who has been so busy posting in the few days that I was absent from the blogsphere. I have just scrolled through and read all the great posts I missed, busy lady. I just cannot keep up with all this as the garden and sunshine calls. :(


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