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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A basket of flowers

I know I am a little late to be posting about May Day, but I hadn't realised that it is a tradition (perhaps only in America, I'm not sure), to leave a basket of flowers on a friend or neighbours doorstep. I thought it a delightful tradition and one that I would like to take up next year. I know that if I go to visit a friend who has a lovely garden and they offer me some blooms to take home, it is like I have been given great riches indeed. Life would be so dull without flowers, they truly do lift the spirits. Not everyone feels the same way of course, my sister-in-law doesn't like flowers and never has them in her home. I find that very hard to understand though as I always have to have flowers even if it's only a few daisys. So for those of you who love flowers I thought I would share a few beauties with you.
I would be over the moon if someone hung this on my door!
Perhaps a little excessive, but why not treat yourself?
Flowers at the table add colour and life.

Don't these pansies look extra cute with the matching tissue paper?

How lovely the flowers look when tucked into a simple little bag. I hope you have enjoyed this May Day amble through the flowers. I wish you all an enchanting month of May, love Linda x.

All images from tumblr


  1. These photos go right into my soul! I loved the tulips on the black front door and the purple ribbon on the wooden fence post too. You just added so much beauty to my day!

  2. I love flowers - can't imagine my home without a vase of flowers somewhere! Happy May to you too.

  3. All the photos are stunning of those beautiful flowers, but I particularly liked photo number 3! That looks like such a warm, cosy room!

  4. Thank you I so enjoyed that post, I love May don't you?
    Helen x

  5. You've gotta love the Americans for their traditions...I would love to receive a little posy of flowers...and would happily give one to a neighbour! I'll try to remember for next year. Robx

  6. Linda,
    It appears that you have embraced the tradition! I love May Day! Most school children in America make the little cone shaped baskets and bring them home to their mothers. Then, once home...they insist on making more to deliver to their grandparents, favorite neighbors or better yet retirement homes!
    Your chosen images are beautiful today!
    I hope you are keeping well!

  7. 'Flowers at the table add colour and light' - yes, and greenfly sometimes! Gorgeous photos, love the bucket of tulips and the simple arrangement in a jar. They are all beautiful, but sometimes the simplest of flowers can be stunning.... I have bluebells and lily of the valley in a small green and white jug at the moment and it pleases me no end every time I look at it.

  8. Oh I wish flowers weren't so expensive in Australia. I think I need to think about what I can plant in my garden...

  9. Can it be my doorstep?!! LOL! What a lovely idea! Cx


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