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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Boarding School Parcels!

 Today when the postman knocked on my door, much to the annoyance of Sparky our West Highland Terrier, the sense of anticipation that it could be a parcel for me, took me back to my days at Boarding School in Surrey. A parcel from home caused major excitement in the dormitorys. Anything foodie or choclatey was spirited away to be either shared with friends later, or scoffed alone in the privacy of the loo!My Mum was very good at finding little bits and pieces that she knew would cheer me up and take my mind off being homesick. On the whole I enjoyed the experience of being at Boarding School, but I didn't go until I was 15, my siblings went at age 10 and it was hard for them. My daughter will be 9 in July, I couldn't bear her going away to school. However, I definitely learned to be independent and experienced so much more culture, art and lifestyle than I ever would have at home. Anyway, I digress, back to this parcel. Thankyou so much Wendz from 15 Coast Road for the delightful giveaway.

 I know I have mentioned this before, but I would just like to highlight Wendy's work. I knew it was going to be lovely and beautifully made, but photos do not do it justice. The attention to detail is amazing, there is quilting, applique, embroidery on each little item. Not only that, inside the little purses there is a different fabric and her lovely labels are sewn inside, making it a bit of a feature. There is a lovely little pincushion that I can put around my wrist when I am sewing, a lavender heart that smells divine, a needlecase (which is great as I always lose mine) a strawberry shaped purse and two larger rectangular purses and the gorgeous tote bag. What a haul, I can't believe my luck!

Even the backs of the articles have lovely details. Everything is made from linen with cotton added, they are substantial and well-made and are lovely to the touch. Wendys purses etc. are available to purchase from her Etsy shop. I know where I will be doing my Christmas shopping this year! Linda x

image via tumblr


  1. What a lot of gorgeous treats - so beautifully made in lovely fabrics and colours - no wonder you were delighted!
    Helen x

  2. What a lovely parcel to receive! Enjoy! Cx

  3. I was so curious to discover you went to boarding school in Surrey. I am a born and bred Surrey girl and also one of our daughters boarded in Surrey, unlikely to be the same place I know, but i may have heard of it!!

  4. What beautiful items, how lucky you are to have won. I particularly like the tote bag - what lovely fabrics she has used. I'm sure they'll all get lots of use.
    Becky x

  5. Hi Linda

    I've just got in and seen your email, and now your blog post. I am amazed at Royal Mail sometimes - that was extremely efficient - I sent it yesterday afternoon and now there it is in your home!!

    Really pleased you like everything and thank you so much for all the praise. x

  6. Wonderful parcel for you to receive in the post, filled with such lovely things.

  7. HI LInda, you are really lucky! This parcel is stunning so many precious presents inside!!! I have never been to a boarding school but my best friend was and while I was reading your story , her stories came back to my memory!!!!KISSES

  8. That bag is particularly gorgeous!

  9. I love,love this bag....so lovely,
    Have a good day and thank you for your visits,



  10. Linda, Im sorry but I may have just inadvertently removed a comment you left on my latest post - was editing at about the same time as I'd messed up a link! Sorry!!!
    Gill xx

  11. Hi Linda!
    Didn't stop and have a proper look at your post earlier, sorry!
    Beautiful makes by Wendz - her things are so lovely, congratulations for winning them!
    Glad the cake turned out well for you - your additions sound lovely!
    Wonder what your first comment to me said that you deleted it!!!........?? ;)
    Thanks for your lovely comment and birthday wishes! Had a friend over for lunch earlier and she bought chocolate cake and a lovely cook book for me!!! Heaven!
    Have a great day Linda!
    Gill xx

  12. Hello:
    As we have absolutely no sewing skills whatsoever, we are hugely impressed with the wonderful items which you show here and cannot believe that they have been made by hand. Oh, the patience and time required. What a lovely gift to receive.

    Parcels whilst at boarding school! That does take us down memory lane.

    We have joined as Followers.

  13. As you have no reply set up I have come back here to respond! Not far from us at all! One of our daughters was a weekly boarder at Manor House School in Little Bookham, I think they may well have competed at various sports against your old school, small world indeed.

  14. I still feel like a little kid when I see a box on my doorstep. And, even more so when it's something unexpected!!

    So happy you found me so I could find you!!
    xo Elizabeth


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